Around 2001 I held my friend’s camera, look into the hole, ask him to teach me how to find the focus, and I accidentally pressed the shutter button. I feel guilty once and repeatedly apologized. Why? Because I’ve made a mistake. Using a film for imperfect results.

36 photographic film in one camera. These resources should be able to produce perfect art works. The huge costs to produce a masterpiece, demanding perfect results. It was then.

Today, the use of digital cameras brings many advantages in the photography world, but there are also disadvantages. The photographers seem to have no respect for each shutter they made. They are taking many pictures, put in the computer, and choose a nice little, if any, which is nice. If not then it will all be digital garbage.

In 2014, I created a class photo with the aim of restoring the photographer and photography to its proper place. Creating a well-thought work, a masterpiece that can be enjoyed throughout the period, and most importantly make photographers appreciate any shots they made.

Here are the works of my photo class students. And they all,…Worth every shutter.




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